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The term "Support" used to mean your desktop computer. As technology evolves our desktop not only limit to a single computer anymore.

Our communication channel and how we work dramaticly changed. What used to be on our desk is now found in the desktop of our computers.

The device on our desktop has grown to include tablets, smart phones, etc. With more and more devices using different systems, having to learn each of them can be a painful process. Your work information are stored not only on your hard drive but also on your gadgets enabling you to work on the go. Making sure you have the right information at the right time will greatly enhance your productivity and save your valuable time.

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Why Choose Us


We offer simple and flexable plans to your desktop solution to cover your IT needs.


We communicate with you in language that you understand to help you understand technology.

3 Our team are willing to share knowledge. We want to teach you how to fish!!


We are there when you need us. Our support staff remotely work with you to resolve problems.

IT Outsourcing

10 users or less

When your company is starting up, your aim is to focus on your core business and let us worry about the IT work. Outsource your IT to us will enable your company to benefit from professional IT support at a fraction of the cost to maintaining your own IT staff.

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11 ~ 30 users

While your company is growing this is when you will need to seriously consider your upcoming IT needs. Rather then trial and error, you need a team that will consider your future expansion and balance your budget at the same time.

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31 ~ 50 users

Managing all the different types of IT resources are not an easy task. With the additional users, you need to have a team that understand efficency as well as security in mind. Network administration will require very in depth understanding of what network can do for you!

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50+ users

Managing an IT department is never easy. Data security plays an important part of the company and it's easy to overlook the small detail. Our team practice SOP standard of procedures for managing IT department in all different industries reliable and secure.

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